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Original BestWay Inflatable Air Sofa Single Seater + Foot Rest

Main Product: True

Original BestWay Inflatable Air Sofa Single Seater + Foot Rest

Market Price: MYR 284.00
sabah MYR 46.00
sarawak MYR 39.00

- Peninsular ship by Express Courier Service.
- Sabah & Sarawak ship by Pos Parcel.

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Model: BestWay_67277_Single_Sofa

Original Bestway Inflatable Fashion Multifunctional Air Sofa Single Pull-Out Seater + Foot Rest + Pumper


  Product Features
  • Tough round hole type sling structure   
  • Quick inflatable    
    indoor and outdoor apply
  • Convenient folding design 
  • Do enjoy air bed sofa      
  • With a strong glue and boxed
  • Dimension: 191cm * 96cm * 63cm

Based on "ergonomic" design principle, the use of air buoyancy of the human body can hold even care to achieve close fit with the human body bed, cervical, lumbar, leg wrist no longer vacant, help eliminate fatigue as soon as possible
for you to create natural, comfortable and healthy quality of sleep!
the material imported ultra-rugged thermal polymerization pvc system into carbon, stitched with world-class technology, rigorous testing is made ​​in accordance with international standards. Science is designed to not only have a beautiful body of bed today, but also with ordinary bed unmatched comfort, you can be placed directly on the ground.      
● suitable for family guest bed, a temporary open-bed use. Inflatable small size, light weight, as bulky let go after the volume of gas with the average household linens, very light weight, folding up and stuffed into a backpack to carry.      
● itself has anti-moisture function, so no need to open the bed when the bed frame, directly on the ground can be.

 Package Include

  • 1 x Set Single Sofa Air Inflatable




Inflatable methods:  

1, spread cushion, open air lock outermost plug, then pump the gas nozzle alignment inflatable airlock inflated.      
2. Wait until the air bed expansion is completed, then tightly cover the air lock, adjustable air lock at the bottom, adjust the air pressure to the comfort of hardness.      
3. Check whether the air lock screw tightened.
1, you can immediately repurchase inflatable air bed after the first charge but finished eight hours after gas (preferably 12 hours) before they can be used as air bed and pull the band stitched at the need for a buffer process; new bed-day use Try not enough gas.      
2, after a fully charged gas, air bed will some slack, this is a normal phenomenon, air bed materials some flexibility, some great changes soft After filling up the gas, it feels loose, long and then inflated to achieve the desired effect on the line, but Do not cheer too full.      
3, gas plug gas leak inside the blank, do not think the air lock blocked.
 Electric Air Pump Inflatable Air bed Pumper Car , 2 Ways And Home Use 
Exhaust method:      

1) Unscrew the screw air lock, and the other end of the roll from the air lock, press out the air.      
2) and then by the other end of the air bed roll, so that the residual air out.      
3) Finally, close the valve, rolled state can always be saved.      
1. This product is flammable items, do not use near fire and hot places.      
Fully air emissions placed 2. After receiving a cool, dry place while avoiding excess weight.      
3.Please check the bag before the parts are complete.     
4. Do not be fed first inflatable moderation, do not exceed the maximum weight capacity of the mattress and avoid jumping on the mattress, it will affect the life of the mattress.      
Mattresses must be prevented by a sharp object poke or scratch 5. When using to avoid damage.      
6. Do not use organic solvents to clean, not stained with sunscreen or alkaline drugs.      
7. Any inflatable products (including tires, etc.) will be run natural gas, which is a normal phenomenon, note the timing of qi.      
8. When high temperatures, do not close the valve and the expansion of air bed placed in the car or tent.      
9. Do not prolonged exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet light will slowly damage the surface of the material.      
10. When not in use tents, air bed in the bunk below please cloth.      

+ ADD ON  (RM 25)  
  - 1 x Dual - Action Turbo Pump Home Use
  - 3 x Air Nozzles 

Electric Air Pump Inflatable Air bed Pumper Car , 2 Ways And Home Use


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