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Quality Vibration Iontophoresis Beauty Instrument Face Massager Cleaner

Main Product: True
            Brand: OEM

Quality Vibration Iontophoresis Beauty Instrument Face Massager Cleaner

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Model: Vibration_Iontophoresis_Instrument

Quality Vibration Iontophoresis Beauty Instrument Face Massager Cleaner

Features of Iontophoresis Machine :

1. New-generation high-frequency ion beauty device, especially desinged for the cosmetic company used to lead the wrinkle removal, skin whiten skin care products.
2. Use the characteristic of positive and negative ions electrode phase, export dirt, deeply clear the skin..       
3.Ion and high-frequency wave release energy together to stimulate skin to promote new collagen.
4. Humanity Design head, much suitable for the dark eye circules, fine wrinkles around the eyes,nose and mouth.


Negative ion lead in nurtion essence
The positive ion is able to lead nutrition deep into skim, which helps cell obsorb moisture and nutritional essence, making skin whiter and brighter
Positive ion clean pores
The unit produces powerful negative ion, effectively soften and absorb dirt deep into the skin. Together with the activating anti-wrinkle cleanser, it can make pores unobstructed and Fresh within 3 minutes
Positive Ion start clean function when the LED light is red, It can absorb deep pore dirt and quickly make pores clean and comfortable.

Negative ion start imput nutrition when theLED light is green, the powerful anion can introduce nutrition ingredients into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue effectively, so as to keep the skin cells elasticity and vigor.

Adopt high-tech micro vibration techniques, 80HZ micro vibration increase energy for cells, accelerate cell movement and metabolism. It will get better effect if match up with beauty skin care products.





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